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Driving traffic to your website may be difficult, but getting targeted traffic to your website can feel like an uphill battle. What are the differences between the too? Traffic flows on past while targeted traffic becomes potential customers. Creating a flow of traffic to your website allows the average person to view your website. The average person visits a website for about 45 seconds. That's long enough to look and leave. This type of shopping is...

Check out these marketing strategy website images: where's the virtual upright wheel-chair? photo from IBOT Mobility, designed by Dean Kamen & team Imagine this: Juan enters a bar in a wheel-chair, pushed by Alice. Fred the bartender turns to Alice and asks, “Would he like a drink?” Juan is perfectly capable of deciding for himself, but Fred doesn’t get it. Back in the real world, Dean Kamen revolutionized many disabled people’s lives...

To create highly interactive platforms through which individuals as well as communities share, discuss and implement the content. Social media differ from industrial media in the contexts such as quality, usability, reach and frequency. Social Media operates in a transmission system where many sources share data with a single receiver. This is contrast to traditional media which undergoes a transmission system where one source shares data with many receivers.Social Media Companies in Dubai provides opportunities for...

Some cool direct response marketing images: Aflicktion: Letters to Cyberspace The fireplace is casting a blanket of warmth through our cottage home but I still feel chilled. The small lake is as clear as a mirror today, leaves reflected in and floating on the surface burn with rich colours but I can’t really enjoy them today. It was October 2002 and the cottage was on Bell Lake in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec. I had just spent three weeks...

A few nice generate free traffic to your website images I found: salinas007 Salinas River State Beach, CA. On the beach - wide open and almost deserted. There are plenty of other beaches to the north and south that are closer to populated areas that get much more traffic, because they are easier to get to. All I saw were a couple of fishermen. Salinas River State Beach and Moss Landing, Monterey County, California - Located...

When it comes to successful Adwords management your chances of success are very slim unless you are a Google Adwords expert. The Adwords game literally shut you out in the long run if you don't know how to manage your Adwords campaigns. How will you get shut out? Your costs per click will keep rising and rising and your ads will get poorer and poorer placement. Really, not knowing what you're doing in Adwords management is...