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Building a business is a fantastic and challenging experience. You can wake up exhilarated to begin your day and go to bed feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The key to success is to maintain a positive; yes you can do it, mindset. Easier said than done, right? Here are 5 keys to help you create and sustain a positive mindset so you attain the success you desire. 1. Surround yourself with successful and positive...

When finding radio advertising: Your first step is the initial contact after searching through the SRDS or Broadcasting Yearbook. Actual contact with the stations is by phone or mail. When turned down, simply say thanks, and go on to the next station on your list. For those who want to know more about your proposal, you immediately get a PI Advertising Package off to them via the fastest way possible. Don't...

Learning how to generate a continuous flow of high quality targeted traffic will guarantee your website the massive exposure it needs to generate ever increasing income. While there are lots different ways of getting targeted traffic to your website, below are some low cost methods worth immediately implementing in your online internet marketing strategy.Writing and Submitting ArticlesThere are many Ezines, publishers, forums, and other mediums on the internet that provide free space for articles to...

Social media marketing is in the path of rapid advancement. With the effectiveness of the social media promotion strategy proven in the election campaign, many online marketers are getting into this strategy each day. Hence it is very much important to highlight your social media website in the social media crowd. This is where the social networking software comes in handy. In earlier days, developing social networking software was an uphill task. But today, with...

A few nice online advertising costs images I found: 20080207_035141 Holm Friebe and Philipp Albers co-founders of the Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur (http://www.zentrale-intelligenz-agentur.de/) 7 1/2 Rules of Working Together Professionally and Still Staying Friends At first I was, like.."le sigh.." but these guys have it all figured out. A smart and insightful way to avoid the Willy Lohman rut and/or the real Business 2.0..it's not even business..it's, like..being human, doing what you love, and keeping hold of your ever-loving soul and...