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Nowadays, there are many different types of advocacies around the world that millions of people are exposed to. Whether it's global warming or promoting awareness about breast cancer, the important thing is to be concerned. Just like the case of students, they are asked to draft their own social marketing plan for a simple project. Bear in mind, once you commit to an advocacy it would be smart to learn how to make your own social...

Some cool how to attract people images: Chicago: Picasso sculpture, Richard J Daley Ctr photo: 10/11/2004 PICASSO SCULPTURE EYES CHICAGO Picasso: A Paris View of Chicago? Pablo Picasso's sculpture is such a familiar, well known image, I wanted to take a photo of it at a somewhat different angle than that from which it's usually seen. I also wanted to put the Richard J. Daley Ctr. in the backgound so you could see the details of its architectural facade more clearly....

Some cool what is online marketing strategy images: David Bausola aka ZeroInfluencer / NYC IxDA - The 7-Minute IxD Soapbox (a.k.a. Pecha Kucha) / 20071113.10D.45948 / SML David Bausola aka ZeroInfluencer (http://del.icio.us/zeroinfluencer / Flickr / FriendFeed / LinkedIn / SML Wiki / Twitter) +++ NYC IxDA - The 7-Minute IxD Soapbox (a.k.a. Pecha Kucha) 2007-11-13 / Method / SoHo, NYC At this fast-paced event, we're giving seven people a chance to share their ideas — for just seven minutes each. The only...

Internet marketing tools are used by those who own websites, and those who want to see more traffic flowing through their sites, are you a web site owner wanting more traffic and sales? We have answers, and examples of all the tools needed to get you through the many options available. Business online is growing at a very fast pace, and with the help of a bit of marketing, a plan, and tools to set your...