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A few nice social marketing strategy images I found: Pastoral Nomadism View it LARGE or even LARGER! ============================================================ Pastoralism Pastoralism is a form of farming, such as agriculture and horticulture. It is animal husbandry: the care, tending and use of animals such as camels, goats, cattle, yaks, llamas and sheep. It also contains a mobile element, moving the herds in search of fresh pasture and water. Pastoralism is found in many variations throughout the world. Composition of herds, management practices, social organization...

Copyright (c) 2012 Act Now DomainsAny business owner collecting sensitive information online should have a secure site. To avoid lawsuits related to security breaches, business owners should invest in SSL certification. In general, a website is not secure until it meets the following criteria:1. 256-bit Encryption with 40-bit minimum2. Full Business Authentication3. Issuance of SSL Certification When these criteria are met, clients can be assured the website is secure. A secured site increases sales conversions because visitors feel...

Modern advertising techniques add personality to companies and their products. Nowadays people are bored with the old advertising techniques like billboards, signs, etc. These methods are so outdated that many people ignore their message. With technology permeating every field, advertising is taken to new levels using more modern advertising mediums like television, mobile phones and the internet. It is easy to get your message to the greatest number of the right people in a affordable...

Check out these computer help online images: Arrows! Spent a weekend helping a friend of mine with his Coca Cola short film. --- Staging the Battle of Agincourt. (obviously, computer generated special effects were not a big part of the budget) *UPDATE* Now you can view the finished product online!!! Just go to the Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Award website and click on the "2006 Finalists" link. This film is "Theater 13" Magic Donkey and Secret Sauce Algorithm A set of 96...

If you are involved in a business wherein you need to deal with customers' problems, you certainly need a helpdesk system. Is the term, helpdesk system, new to you? Don't you know what it is all about and how does it work? Then, you are suggested reading this blog. Completely dedicated to helpdesk ticketing system, this blog gives an insight into its functionality and workflow. Primarily, a helpdesk ticketing system, also request management system, support...