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Some cool social media online images: Plume 2 (Strange Weather series), 2005, 26 x 46 inches. Oil on canvas. Collection National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC (New Orleans, on fire, after Hurricane Katrina) Exhibitions: "Out of the Blue", Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA (Mar-May 2006) "Prevailing Climate" at Sara Meltzer gallery in Chelsea (NYC): newsgrist.typepad.com/underbelly/2006/06/prevailing_clim...

B2B unified marketing? is usually a term that appears to a lot of to be the latest buzzword employed in the business. On the other hand, underneath the sleek look from the latest buzzword can be a set of thoughtful techniques. Generally, B2B unified marketing requires broadcasting exactly the same message across all marketing mediums your enterprise utilizes. Nowadays, you advertise by way of television, print, radio, display, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google , among several...

A few nice social marketing agency images I found: head & neck 20060911 march and protest against cuts to respite care in northamptonshire market square to council offices, northampton uk head&neck: health; healthcare; provision; service; change; effect; management head&neck: one part of liquidiser's (ongoing) 'point of centre' project point of centre: (documenting) aspects of life in (contemporary)northampton; social / action research approach liquidiser: an ‘agent’ (or agency); for change; for promotion; for facilitation; for publication head & neck 20060911 march and protest against cuts to respite care in...

A few nice social media release images I found: Social media press release Blogher Business 07 :: Julie Crabill, Bambi Francisco and Erin Kotecki-Vest The Press Release Must Die :: The new social media press release. LP&P Hosts "Get Social" Check out Lois' blog post on the event or go right to the press release....

In this article we discuss the concepts of attraction marketing as they pertain to social networks. Although the strategy used isn't the classic attraction marketing approach of making a free offer in exchange for contact information, building a list, etc., the principles are similar. Instead of a free report or training offer, the "bait" is your profile and interaction socially with prospects. So, to get started, you need to set-up your pages...

Depressed feelings are triggered when maltreated or by individual self-assessment. Self-help for building self-esteem is highly recommended for people suffering with low self-esteem as it creates depression, anxiety, phobia and also leads to mental illness in extreme cases. The need for self-help becomes inevitable as such traumatized people cannot enjoy work or life and fail to attain any personal goal. This makes them think negatively. However, prior to considering the strategies and actions involved in raising...