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A few nice traffic advertising images I found: L'Oreality Oslo, Norway Outdoor advertisement from L'Oreal: "My skin beams with happiness". Thanx to Georg Galster's, whose comment prompted me to translate the slogan. Explore #34 - Nov. 24, 2005 Milano, Febbraio 2005: la neve Bobone e Paolino (soccer players) ...

A few nice best way to do business images I found: TiECon Internet Luminaries Panel Some notes from Bootstrapping your Business at TiEcon How does having a small Board work for you? Jon Kibera of Mercantila: only one person on our board and we think it works pretty well (that person is Jon). Josh Peterson, Aderactive. Up until recently the only person on my board besides me was my Mom, who advised me to drink milk. Craig from Craigslist: We do...

Check out these hand net images: Istanbul (6).jpg Deel 10: Istanbul en Prinseneilanden 7 mei 2004•17:58 uur Eindelijk weer tijd om wat te schrijven. Ik zit nu met Oytun van de hospitalityclub op de boot terug van een eiland naar het vaste land. We hebben sinds mijn aankomst gisterochtend alle tijd samen doorgebracht. Hij haalde me op van het station en nadat ik mijn rugzak in zijn auto had gelegd en op een terrasje wat gegeten, zijn we gelijk de...

Some cool ways to get customers into your store images: (No) Welcome Mat. (containing a small rant on the advisability or otherwise of walking in the countryside then trying to buy expensive foodstuffs from Colston Bassett Store) We ventured into Nottinghamshire to visit the ruined St Mary's church and a couple of delis. Well, we intended to visit two and this would have been the first, the deceptively simply named Colston Bassett Store. Look at it's website...