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Helpdesk software plays an important role in managing your customer base and takes a huge load off your customer support function. A helpdesk, as you might know, is an IT-based resource that provides assistance and information in troubleshooting problems that your customers may face while using your products. Larger companies even have additional in-house help desk to provide a similar type of service to their employees. In large IT corporations, the helpdesk is often a mandatory...

Some cool customer support images: Project Management How Project Management shouldn't work [fixed] Apple support nightmare I hate to do this. You know I am a loyal Apple customer, but I also pointed out that the trackpad on this brandnew 1.2Ghz iBook G4 is of unbearable quality (there is a huge - 129 entries so far - discussion thread about this at Apple discussions: ibook G4 trackpad seems to have a big bug). Now after a call with Apple...

Check out these effective social media marketing images: Wardrobe remix: Job interview Vest: Britches Tie: Gentry Shirt: Quality Brand Slacks: Quality Brand Shoes: Dr. Schol's Last week, I secretly used my day off from work to attend a job interview in the big smoke. I kept it a secret so as not to jinx the opportunity. Well, a week has passed, so I guess that I didn't impress them enough. Actually, fourty-minutes into the "interview" session, it was pretty apparent that I was...

Websites are beneficial for businesses or individuals alike, so figuring out how to build a website could be very important to you. A business website is highly effective, but some people utilise them for their own personal needs. They can be great for people who just want to get involved with writing about their own interests.Each reason for a site will have a different route to take in the creation field though. Those who simply just...

How much are you willing to pay for advertising? What would it be worth to you to get advertising open to billions of people worldwide? Let's cut out the sales pitch because you know all about that. Do you know how to get free advertising online? In fact, do you know how to get the right kind of advertising offline - and free of charge? Probably not, but I do. So the question now is how...