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Clients often ask how we measure ROI on a social media campaign and that is a tough question as, being a dyed in the wool marketer, I know that ROI is a business metric and not a media metric. So, how do we determine if our client is achieving 'ROI' on the social media marketing activity we are engaging in? Social media marketing activity has a lot of 'unmeasurable' benefits to businesses that use it for...

There are many cheap ways to advertise a restaurant. Remember that advertising does not need to be very expensive for it to be effective. There are cheap ways to advertise a restaurant that can be used by an individual to increase the revenue of his/her restaurant. Before we proceed to the list of cheap and effective ways of advertising a restaurant, let us first see how important advertising is. What Is the Importance of Advertising? Advertising...

The world of marketing has changed drastically in the past decade. Social media has appeared and gained so much popularity that careful planification and execution of a social media strategy is now required. The title 'Social Media Manager' (SMM) is now a job title and their area of expertise includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Facebook has over 1,8 billion active users, Twitter over 300 million, Instagram 600 million as of December 2016. Naturally, businesses...

US online advertising revenues reached almost $ 5.5billion for the third quarter of 2009, according to the IAB internet advertising revenue report. It representing an improvement of 1.7percentage from Q2'2009 and declined by 5.4percentage same period in last year. The internet advertising revenues for same period last year were $ 5.9billions.First time drop in since last six years in Q3 revenuesIf we observe trend of Q3 online advertising revenues, dropped by first time since...