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Social and political histories of recent years bear witness to several distressful conditions borne by people of some of the Muslim countries of the world. In such situations of socio-political and economic unrest, the brunt is very often faced by the common people of those countries. There are several agencies of Muslim relief that have formed and have consistently come to the aid of all such people in need. They have extended all kinds of medical,...

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A few nice banner advertising rates images I found: Mini Protest Banner, Liverpool St Station, London May 2009 I have been making mini banners on and off for the last few months and they have gradually formed a little pile in my craft suitcase (like Mary Poppin's bag but better!;p). I finally took a day off work last week- I am owed 152 hours off but have too much work to do to take them off- so I...

If you've decided that you want to get serious about using social media to market your business, it's important to take the time to develop a social media strategy. Creating and executing a strategy will ensure you're getting the best return out of the time and resources you invest into social. So if you want to craft a strategy that's going to help you succeed, here's what you need to do:Understand Who You're TargetingJust because there...