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Dawn Marrs Ortiz & Traci Reuter ~ Where Social Media Marketing & Network Marketing Come Together - Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast from Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast View Details about Dawn Marrs Ortiz & Traci Reuter ~ Where Social Media Marketing & Network Marketing Come Together...

A few nice make social network images I found: peopleFinderScreen Pretty awesome new app for using with GustavoG's graph project! Lachie made an app for finding a member within the graph. The URL is in the screenshot up top. My icon is ringed in red because I had just looked for my own. Whoa Nellie, I think I just lost my Sunday "day of rest" to the computer again...

There is a lot of talk in the town regarding the latest Google update, which has been nick named as Jagger. Jagger is a 3-part Google update that has changed some of the important rules of determining page rank and this has affected the SEO community in its entirety. The new Google update has affected the website page ranking and the key areas, which have got affected are: * Your web page history * Method for...

Tips for Bidders and Auctioneers: Choose www.website-auction.comIf you own a business and wishes to sell them online, what you need is a good website. Online investors should really own a website. But owning or having a website is not that easy. Steps like having own domain and get them registered, trademarks, hiring webmasters, designers, developers and eventually have to test them on how it runs on different browsers. Why fuss if you can just hire a...

According to the results put forth by a popular survey, companies with corporate blogs are known to generate more business leads than companies that do not have blogs for showcasing their products and services, and this has been established as a proven fact for B2B as well as B2C companies. Social media marketing for small business ventures is a suitable strategy for various reasons. Most importantly, small business houses may not have enough funds to spare...

Mobile devices are definitely here to stay. In fact, they've been evolving tremendously in terms of data storage, size, speed, and connectivity. They've also been changing the way we interact with each other. Another area that these mini computers have been effecting change is in the field of advertising. In particular, video content hosted and streamed through a mobile video platform seems to be a future trend in advertising techniques. The following simply shows why this...