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If you have employees, one of the key policies you need is a Social Media Policy to help guide them on what is acceptable behaviour online (and to help protect your company's reputation).If you don't provide guidance, then employees will follow their own rules. Some employees will be great for your company others interpretation of the rules could see your business "go viral" for all the wrong reasons.All it takes is one bad blog post, one...

How do you make sure your small business website gets enough visitors to make it worthwhile? How can you increase website traffic to get more clients? Even better, how do you dominate your niche? There are actually a variety of things that you need to do to get visitors, but one of the most basic is one you do when you build your web pages. Each page you build needs to target a particular keyword, one...

Marketing research analysts help companies understand the marketplace, the needs of customers in a specific segment and geographical location, and the activities of their competitors. A large part of their job includes conducting researches, collecting and analyzing data and interpreting it. The typical work activities of marketing research analysts include:* Designing and assisting in developing questionnaires to capture necessary data* Storing and sorting the captured data* Conducting an in-depth data analyses and draw information out of it* Making reports converting...

Check out these free advertisement on internet images: adv: centro sociale rivolta We interrupt the carnival description for an advertisement: at the centro sociale rivolta (squatted center rivolta) every saturday evening you can have a pizza for 3 euro. Music. Free smoking. And internet point. On monday evening legal consultancy for immigrants, temp workers and travellers. You can also contribute to the expenses for the defence of the people who have been abused by the police during the...