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A few nice advertising and marketing images I found: Petticoat Lane On Sunday the street market is open and you can buy long leather coats under this building. For the rest of the week it's a car park. The red-painted section under the hoarding was a sheepskin warehouse in the 80s who advertised continually on LBC Radio: "The Big Red Building in Petticoat Lane". It's just for the pigeons now. ...

Some cool what is social media used for images: Hate speech "Israeli supporters prowl the internet and the media shouting 'hate speech' not at those who actually hate, but at those who focus on the embarrassing truths Israel does not want Americans to think about while they pony up another few billions dollars. The good news is that Israel's supporters have screamed 'hate speech' and 'anti-Semite' so much that the phrases have lost their shock value, which means...

Check out these how to get new business images: coney island buses let’s set a few things straight: 1.Yes, I am indeed moving to NY. In a week, no less. I fly out next Monday (May 2nd) (assuming passport & visa is returned in time) 2.I have been offered a year’s internship in the city – it also involves some evening classes and at the end we get some Cambridge International Business qualification. This doesn’t interest me too much, to...

Check out these online marketing degree images: Winter market, NYC - Jan 2009 - 02 These photos were taken on a random Saturday afternoon in late January 2009, about two blocks south of the movie theater where I was planning to see the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." I arrived half an hour early (as usual), and decided to wander around the area to see if I could find something interesting to photograph -- and stumbled unexpectedly...