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A few nice online internet advertising images I found: DSC00759 *sigh* So, I've been wanting a Visa Prepaid card thing since I was like 10, so I could buy stuff on the Internet, phone etc. I'd go to online forums, complain about not being able to buy something, and American idiots would reply "Just get a prepaid Visa card!" - then I would want to punch them in the face, since it wasn't available in Australia. So, anyway,...

A few nice the social media images I found: 30 September 04 While she was sleeping on her bed — the Israeli watching towers didn’t gave her the chance to sleep her full night. It is 4 year old girl; Jihad Youif Handik was shot in her head while sleeping in her house at Khanyounies Camp. In the north of Gaza Strip Israeli Apaches and tanks invaded the area with heavy shelling every night. The area is surrounded by...

Check out these check website traffic images: “Bluebirded” again Blogged in The Woodwork: The best blogging system ever. You know you’ve got engineering issues when there is a term devoted to your website crashing… …and a website devoted to checking to see if it is really down. The problem with most Ruby on Rails developers is that they have zero experience on scalable web development and then they lecture me. And people take offense when I say the Ruby world is...

Some cool tech support online images: The End of V2-VC2 BoB had invaded the capital of the Huzzah Federation. They brought a starbase, dreadnoughts, carriers, and a fleet of battleships with tech 2 support blockading the system. Here, Huzzah gathers every ship it has, but we are still less than the invading fleet. We prepare to die on Bob's guns, because it's all we can do before the station falls. ...

Some cool buy blog traffic images: Twitter vs. Dodgeball Alexa graph, included in my post about how Twitter Tipped the Tuna I'd venture because dodgeball is too complex, the web experience seems like a chore, not as many affordances. And they were bought by google. Story of an Acquisition Cars Direct bought two wiki sites that have creative commons licensing. Image from Mike, my post is here. ...