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Check out these low cost advertising images: Cattle Market One of the largest cattle markets in Mali occurs every Saturday at a market about one hour away from Bamako. Knowing how regular markets that sell food and wares can be a little chaotic and congested, I was expecting a cattle market to be even more so. Instead I was surprised at how low key the sellers were. There were no shouts to advertise their stock and the only frenzied...

Some cool how to get clients images: Pippy's Last Christmas ::Warning, sad story!:: I was pet sitting this kitty, Pippy, for a client last Christmas. Pippy was pretty sick even then, but at 16 years she had lasted longer than we had thought and we weren't sure how much longer she would live. You can see her eyes are dialated in this picture...

Check out these get more traffic images: Balchik (29).jpg Part 7: From Kavarna to Balchik 3rd of May 2004•13:02 hours Crossing the border went quite successful yesterday . Walking for a couple kilometres and passing four checkpoints. There was even a money exchange office, where I exploited the waiting time. As I walked further I had luck: already pretty soon a minibus basses by with destination Kavarna. The little bus is already pretty full with the local elderly and young...

Some cool html support images: Roman Dining Couch (lectus) made of wood with bronze adornments 1st century BCE The lectus, or couch, or bed, was perhaps the most important item of Roman style furniture. Used for sleeping, sitting, relaxing or eating, the lectus was a wooden frame supporting criss crossed leather straps that held a matress stuffed, originally with straw, and later with wool or feathers. At one end there was an arm, as in modern sofas; sometimes there...