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A few nice direct mail marketing images I found: mail from veer i love veer so very very much. today, i got this light-reactive postcard on the mail! it's even printed on recycled card. it's not sunny enough to take it outside right now, but i will tomorrow and take another photo. Cyclist Jersey Design and Marketing Materials Keine Werbung!!! Gopfrtammi!! ...

Some cool ppc management images: DFWSEM Mar 2013 Photo i020 by Grant Wickes Photo from the DFW SEM meeting on What is Enhanced about AdWords Enhanced. For additional photos from the event see: DFWSEM Flickr photostream March 2013. Photo (cc). If using photo, please credit: Photo courtesy Grant Wickes. In picture: Frederick "Fred" Vallaeys (@siliconvallaeys) Photo taken with iPhone 5 with 12x photojojo lens Picture by Grant Wickes principal of Wickpoint Management Services and VP Businss...

A few nice how to get a client images I found: PLEASE SIGN: THE UNIVERSAL FLICKR CARD: Charlie Brown Christmas Let's bring the world together this Christmas! Please sign the card in the comments box. Be sure to include where your from and the date you sign. Let's see how far we can get this by Christmas Day!! only 10 days to go!! WE ARE THE WORLD There comes a time When we head a certain call When the world must come...

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