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Check out these social media marketing manager images: Uttercast: Invasion of the Bad Communicators I was listening to an Utterli post from Paisano and heard some frustration with how some people are using social media as blunt marketing and PR tools. A couple of quick thoughts: - As Twitter and other tools go mainstream, there will be more noise and more people awkwardly and clumsily misusing them until they figure out that sound communications methods prevail there as elsewhere....

Some cool finding clients images: Perplexed by William Kristol Kristol started off by claiming that the war in Iraq has had no effect on terrorism, which is so fucking wrong it nearly tore a hole in fabric of space time. It's as if he had been living under a tectonic plate when the CIA issued report after report that the war in Iraq was increasing the rate of terrorism and making al qaeda more powerful. He...

Some cool support website images: Playing Koi This is a detail from a painting of a koi pond that Jolene did as a birthday present for her mother, Marta. It was to eventually turn into a floor piece under a homemade fountain that Marta constructed for her apartment in Louisville. Jolene tacked up the canvas on the back of the cabin we were staying in during our visit to Kentucky last year, and painted like a madwoman for...

A few nice online free ads images I found: internet tv milestones Until I get round to updating this chart, here's links to some other potential 'milestones' that could go on. www.convergenceculture.org/weblog/2006/07/veohtnt_online_...

A few nice media marketing images I found: iPod Video probably anytime before we start writing down our christmas lists apple is going to release it's new ipod, an all bets on the net are that is going to have video support. There is not much inovation on that single piece, and in a market where windows media mobile failed to get off, where sony's PSP have a comfortable large screen for playing games and watching videos and most important cell phones are...

Check out these increase traffic on website images: Award winner Benjamin Perrin and Deputy Consul General Kathleen Hill speak at a press conference on Benjamin Perrin’s State Department recognition. Award winner Benjamin Perrin and Deputy Consul General Kathleen Hill speak at a press conference on Benjamin Perrin’s State Department recognition. Canadian Benjamin Perrin Named a Hero in the U.S. State Department 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report Released on June 16, 2009 Press Release - US Embassy Ottawa U.S. Embassy Canada congratulates University...