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Some cool attract more customers images: Paris 2003 040 This is a shot of a cafe/pub that first Jimmy had fallen in love with, and later I had fallen in love with when Linda and I stayed in the Hotel Louis II, across the street. Actually it is in a triangular spot where several streets meet, the Odeon and the Saint Suplice, where the hotel was. I kept calling it the White Horse after the bar in...

A few nice social media how to images I found: iPhoto, Flickr and Photocasting I've been meaning to illustrate how superb of a photo-casting aggregator iPhoto is for a while. Now that iPhoto 6.0.5 is out Apple finally has the majority of the bugs worked out. Part of what makes it so damn superb is it that there's a paradigm shift in the way iPhoto treats aggregated photos. It doesn't assume you're merely a passive "consumer". Once a photo...

Jeff Sanders: Author of "The Free-Time Formula" - The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders: Healthy Habits • Personal Development • Rockin' Productivity! from The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders: Healthy Habits • Personal Development • Rockin' Productivity! View Details about Jeff Sanders: Author of "The Free-Time Formula"...

A few nice online internet advertising images I found: DSC00759 *sigh* So, I've been wanting a Visa Prepaid card thing since I was like 10, so I could buy stuff on the Internet, phone etc. I'd go to online forums, complain about not being able to buy something, and American idiots would reply "Just get a prepaid Visa card!" - then I would want to punch them in the face, since it wasn't available in Australia. So, anyway,...