August 14, 2017 Business Advertising

With the ability for you to leverage the power of the internet and the social media technology, you now have the tools to take your small business advertising to the next level. As with any business whether it be a small business, a big business, a brick and mortar offline business, or online, you need to do proper advertising to not only keep your current customers but also obtain new ones. For small business advertising, it really is no different than some of the really large companies except for the return on investment you are looking for. With the majority of most advertising going online, I am going to share with you some free and low cost small business advertising strategies. If implemented correctly, these strategies will drive an enormous amount of traffic to your business.

As we go through these few free to low cost advertising strategies we will start with the easiest that takes time to build traffic and move into paid adverting that can be trickier but produce quicker results.

Create Your Own Site

With so many people using computers and over 4 billion people online, you hear about people not reading the newspaper any longer, magazine subscriptions are way down and hear how online is the future. If you are considering getting any type of online presence with your small business, your own website is the first opportunity that you will want to tackle. While this may sound very cumbersome and technical, it can be really easy or it can be a complete nightmare, depending on how in depth you want your website. I know for a fact you can get your own website set up for free through many different sites online. For great results like I have had, many of my websites have cost me fewer than twenty five dollars, which I have complete control over and am able to add content or products at my leisure.

Along with your website, you could have an area on your site that would allow someone to download a “free newsletter”, a “free how to video” or even a “free e Book” that is relevant to your products or services. When they insert their name and email into the form you then have captured their information and can market directly to them of new products you are selling, new promotions or just information to enhance their life.

Article Submission Drives Paying Customers

As important as has been explained before , it is very important to own and maintain your own website, if you cannot do it yourself, then out source it. Once you have your own site and want to start driving traffic to the website I would suggest using a mixture of article marketing and another strategy as away to drive traffic. With article marketing as one of the advertising strategies that we have have tested and obtained some great results, we recommend this as a joint strategy along with a paid one.

You can write one article on ” small engine repairs” because your business is in the small engine repair business and turn around and submit that article to thousands of different article submission sites for little to no cost. When you have someone that has a need for what your article is explaining or teaching, you will find more people will start contacting you for your help and expertise. A great feature that some articles submission sites offer is the ability for the reader to take your article and put it on their site as long as they keep all the information and links in tact as you submitted it.

Video Marketing is Powerful Beyond Words

Video advertising is a great way to get you and your business out in front of millions of potential customers; unfortunately many small business owners do not do this or are not aware how powerful this can be. The business owners that we have worked with in the past have seen great increase of traffic and paying customers once they started making a few videos and providing value to the people watching the video. Videos can build a very strong relationship and has the ability to relate with people very quickly and with you able to use You tube for free and upload thousands of videos if you choose, this is a great opportunity for you and your business.

Promoting your business with short videos on how to do certain things or on certain subjects is a great way for you to become a leader in your business, niche or industry. People love watching videos and when you incorporate this with teaching them how to do something, this only strengthens the relationship of your customers and anyone on your site. Providing free videos, articles and general content is a great way to keep your site fresh with new content and people wanting to come back time and time again.

Finally the Highest Traffic Generating Strategy

When I was new and green to the internet marketing arena and was being taught by some of the greatest marketing minds online, someone started teaching me about Pay-Per-Click; to be honest I thought they said Paper-Clip. I immediately started thinking what does paperclips have to do with advertising, but I was quickly educated that it is Pay-Per-Click; which is a highly targeted advertising strategy that you are only charged for your advertising when someone clicks on your advertisement. This strategy will drive the most traffic to your business out of all the other marketing strategies but can cost you some very pretty pennies; I strongly advise having someone teach you how to do this that has done this before.

If you are really concerned in losing a few dollars are very fearful than we would recommend either sticking with free or low cost adverting or out sourcing your Pay Per Click adverting needs. This type of advertising could cost as little as ten or twenty dollars a day to thousands a day, you are in complete control.

Small business advertising should not be hard and we believe that there should be a level playing field, and now with the internet there is. We help small business owners get their advertising dialed in to produce a great return on investment, for a free 30 minute consultation and website analysis contact us through the link below.

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