Editorial: Sweet Hatred
December 7, 2017 Buy Targeted Traffic

A few nice buy targeted traffic images I found:

Editorial: Sweet Hatred
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Photo taken as the boat cruises to Manila Bay from Corregidor Island, Philippines.

The video inside the ferry reminds me of history’s one of the greatest atrocities comitted in the Second World War in the Pacific. Somethings should never be forgotten. But the Philippine generation of today has changed. They are no longer particular with history. They’re after reality bitchy shows, scripted game shows, showbusiness rumors — and if they have good education, they venture into politics and steal the people’s money. I didn’t quite expect the Philippines would become a country that has become too immature for democracy. Gone are the days, when the senate was occupied with guys like Claro M. Recto — most of those in the Senate or congress these days are a bunch of clowns, who literally bought themselves to that office. And on the other hand, the Filipino people keep on whining that they’re poor, but they spend their hard earned money sending SMS to scripted game shows featuring bitches and whores, sending SMS to vote for Miss immorality contests, sending SMS to comment on one sided news, scripted reality shitty shows that brings ideas of immorality, sex, drugs and rock and roll — wasting precious money, and yet they are whining they’re poor. Some of them, whines about the government not being able to help their family’s medical needs — hell, look at them, they have many children, the wife has no income, and the husband is an alcoholic who earns minimum wage! hey, its not the government’s fault you have many children and you gamble regularly and you drink regularly, don’t you ever think, idiots? And look at you, you are an alcoholic and regulary gamble into bingo at malls! Help yourself first, before asking for others’ help! How much did you spend on your regular drinking session anyway? Try to straighten up your personal and family needs first before blasting the, well, mostly corrupt government that you need help.

On the other hand, people who don’t pay taxes (because they are jobless) are the first ones to march on the streets, disrupting the country’s economy, sending it to a downturn. Maybe we should adopt some corporate stuff into the government — your vote counts as much as your taxes — but hey, you can not trust the rich people in this country as well. Chicken and egg problem I guess. Whom do you trust, the rich businessman who are involved with drug trafficking, and has a mayor for a backer? No way. Still — its a chicken or egg thing.

In the Southern part, soldiers are being ambushed, some beheaded on a regular basis by some religious fanatics — supported by the religious fanatics in the area as well, yet the mighty Philippine army(relatively, as compared to the rebels) can’t do anything about it because the leaders lack the political will. An all out war is viewed as a political disaster, that could cost them the next round of elections — preventing them from earning 1 Million pesos a month(wait, did I say 1 Million, they only earn roughly 30,000 pesos a month). Hmm… 30 thousand a month? Then at this time you’re probably asking, how come the congressman’s wife has a car, his drug addict sons also have cars, his mistress also have cars… not once, but say every month…. hmmm… well, I can’t see how 30 thousand would fit that budget. Hmmm… didn’t I say they’re, well, you figure out the math. I’m tired hearing of this.

Maybe the Philippines needs to be reminded of the painful past, of the country’s painful rebirth. It was doing well 20 years after the war. Then came a leader’s second term, perhaps, and probably the best leader ever was, but something ticked in him(or was it her wife or his chief of staff), and plunged the country into chaos. In the mid 1980s, that regime was finally changed with much celebration, but then clowns started pouring into politics, the same type of clowns that we have now.

Pretty sad state of affairs — really. Good thing there’s a lot of nice places in the Philippines to unwind. Just about the good thing there is of being in the Philippines. Really, there’s a lot of nice places to go, and be at peace(with nature, of course). Want to know where… well, try looking into this link, and get some ideas for your next trip:

Philippine Destinations

Hosta and wild strawberry (film test)
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In an adventurous mood I bought two very cheap bulk rolls of mystery film on ebay last month. It’s "Kodak Traffic Control Film Color S0-077", expired 11/01. The "SO" stands for "Special Order", as opposed to an off-the-shelf film. Despite Kodak’s extensive online technical library I haven’t been able to find anything more about this film than the auction told me: It’s a C-41 color film, probably ISO 400, with on extra-thick stock designed for cold environments (like outside in a traffic camera). I shot a short test roll and developed it as B&W in Diafine to see if there were any helpful edge markings. Nope, just says "K’ODAK SO077 1454-815-02" (apparently the apostrophe in Kodak indicates the factory, Rochester in this case). Anyone recognize this stuff?

Next I’ll reload a commercial cartridge and drop it off at Target to see how it looks in color.

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