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Traintrip through Romania and Bulgaria
Part 1: from The Hague to Cologne
24th of April 2004•17:24 hours

When I want buy a train ticket to Cologne on the station The Hague Central, it is announced there that there is no train traffic between The Hague and Utrecht. After a round-trip along Leiden and Bodegraven and even more delays I still succeed nevertheless to catch the ICE to Cologne. I make a beginning in the book Beau Berry written by Rudy Wester. In Arnhem a group of Germans steps, three boys of in twenty come sitting beside me and ask if I participate with a card game which I do not know. I get in touch with the boy beside me, who offers me some cookies. They appeared to be visiting a seminar on the Erasmus university in Rotterdam and are travelling back to Dresden now. This calls the necessary memories and anecdotes at me, that brings me in a Goodbye Lenin-mood.

25th of April 2004•14:59 hours

Yesterday evening I was picked up from the station by Jens, who lives in Cologne. Eberhard, a good friend of me and Jens, had already arrived in Cologne. We went to Jens’ house and he made a nice pasta for us. Afterwards we cross the inner city and watch the sun go down while we parade along the Rhine. Jens, who is also bi, gladly wanted to show us a part of the gay-scene in Cologne, thus visiting different kind of bars in town. One of it is complete particular: a laundry in which a lounge space has been created with relaxed couches to sit and lay on. While enjoying a cocktail drink and the fragrance of washing powder you can listen to music which is played by a dj.

We make it not too late and at home we crawl against each other for a while on the bench. I sleep with Eberhard in the living room, he on the couch and me on an air mattress. The next day I would leave early to take the tram to a hotel along the motorway. In that hotel my hitch hike partner who would bring me to Vienna would be sleeping, an English man with whom I got in touch through a hitch hikers website . Meanwhile it appeared that he would not arrive the next morning but just in the afternoon in Cologne. I was expected at 15.00 at the junction Frechen along the motorway. In the morning Eberhard already left early. Me and Jens had breakfast on a terrace and he suggests to do something together afterwards. We catch the telpher carrier to cross the Rhine and scroll a little through the park.

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