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May 7, 2019 Buy Visitors

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Eli & Chris
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Chris was afraid to hold me at first, but now I think he’s ready to buy his own baby on the black market.

Kylemore Abbey
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Kylemore Abbey, located in the Kylemore Pass in Connemara, County Galway, has been home to the Irish Benedictine nuns since 1920. The Benedictine nuns bought the house in 1920, having fled their convent in war-torn Belgium in 1914, where they ran a boarding school for girls for over 300 years. They re-established the school here and it is still very much alive today.

Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, IrelandThe Abbey was originally built in 1868 by Mitchell Henry, in memory of his late wife Margaret. Its architecture is best described as neo-gothic and the house still displays all the characteristics of that period. Kylemore Abbey’s most famous feature is its miniature cathedral, known locally as the Gothic church ( picture ). It was built by Mitchell Henry in 1870. There is a stark contrast between the dark exterior and the light yellow stone exterior. Marble columns in three colours add to the design’s richness.

Set in the heart of Connemara, Kylemore Abbey shares its woodlands, lakes and rivers with a large variety of birds and animals. A trip to the west of Ireland is not complete without experiencing the beauty and tranquility of Kylemore Abbey and Gardens. Facilities at Kylemore include a visitor centre, an exhibition housed in the main reception rooms of the house and a video which takes the visitor through the history of the house and its occupants. The Visitor Centre and exhibition, Gothic Church and Craft shop are open all year.

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The first day I went to Liberty Island. From Pearl River I took NJtransit train, getting off in Hoboken and then took a ferry ride to Battery Park Pier. From there I bought ticket to Liberty Island, which cost me 10 dollar. The security was very tight, before boarding the ferry, my bags and myself were searched and xrayed. I don’t know if Newyorkers are now getting used to this kind of ‘normality’ and ‘insecurity’. The ferry ride to Liberty was fascinating, as I saw much clearer the skyline of Lower Manhattan (without the WTC). Liberty Island is open to visitor but the statue is closed, and nobody knows when will it be opened again. I took a free guided tour around the Island and a guy who has been cleaning Liberty statue’s torch for something like 20 years told us about the stories of his job. Then I went to Ellis Island to see the immigrant museum. It’s funny to see that sometimes american are a bit ‘allergic’ to immigrants nowadays, whereas according to history, american themselves used to be immigrants hundreds of years ago. Well, I think we all are immigrants somewhere, even myself, my ancestry can be traced to Yunnan, region in South China some hundreds of years ago, or even India. Perhaps we should really get rid the concept of ‘us’ and ‘them’ because we are all the same one mankind anyway.

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