May 14, 2017 Care Calendar

A few nice care calendar images I found:

care calendar


with only the bottle in color

used on a book cover

blogged here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here

used in video here

Worktime Desktop
care calendar
This is one of those photos that turns up on your card when you’re deleteing a bunch of other stuff and you just fall in love with it.

This photo pretty much tells the story of one of my happier days at work, and I thought it might be fun to add a bunch ‘o notes to it to expalin what all this stuff is.

I’m sure I was standing over my desk, testing something on the camera when I snapped this. It’s the closest I think you can get to ignorant art in photography.

There is one thing closer. Maybe I’ll scan that it later. It’s a project I did for my College photograhpy class that involved throwing cats and then drawing on a glass plate on the enlarger durring printing. Hmmm…

H’Ween 2005 – Be Afraid
care calendar
Characters from Warcraft, I’m told…

Hell, they could be from Harry Potter for all I care – that’s some GREAT makeup.

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