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October 8, 2016 Care Calendar

Some cool care calendar images:

20050222_prague_angel, narnia
care calendar
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.
i know this could be anywhere but here’s a bit behind the place.. It was in one of the larger cemeteries in Prague, at least the size of one or two football fields. Lots of care & devotion I think, more than here. It was also February. I only made it about 1/2 way before I had to turn around & find someplace to warm up again.

Leigh Anthony DEHANEY, Β© 2005

ČeskÑ Republika

This was a year that started a change in me I think.. I had about 3 "world" trips lined up with various friends at the time, all of which were scaled back and then eventually canceled.. I can’t explain why, but just on a feeling I decided to go where *I* would go (even if it meant doing it by myself). At the time, it was one of scariest things I’d done. Now, I think to myself "Why’d I wait so long? Just imagine if I’d pulled of the band-aids 20 years earlier".

* The Year of the Volunteer by the UK government
* The World Year of Physics
* The International Year of the Eucharist in Catholicism.
* The Year of Cork City as European Capital of Culture.
* The Year of the Veteran in Canada.
* The Year of the Rooster (by the Chinese calendar).
* The Year of Discovery

Easter Moon, P3260168
care calendar
Here’s a moon shot for you, Gale. And you’d better appreciate it :-), because I didn’t have any fancy 300mm lens to take it with. I had to walk 5 mi to school, in the snow, in my bare feet. πŸ™‚ Taken with an Olympus compact C3040Z on full auto, f 4.5@ 1/500 (sorry, PS 5 ate my EXIF) — digiscoped handheld thru 1 barrel of my Celestron Regal 8×42 binocs. There was some chromatic aberration around the limb, which I selected & desaturated in Photoshop. Tried just switching the whole thing to B&W, but it seemed to lose a certain je ne c’est quoi (or perhaps it’s just more chromatic aberration πŸ™‚ ).

BTW, Easter is always around the full moon. So is Passover — remember, the Last Supper was a seder. Usually they are the same full moon, but sometimes (like this year) they are a month apart, because the lunar Hebrew calendar occasionally inserts a leap month to keep in synch with the annual calendar. Ie, some Hebrew years are made up of twelve 28-day months, & some of thirteen. The Islamic lunar calendar doesn’t make any attempt at all to keep in synch with the annual calendar, which is why Ramadan continually drifts, rather than coming at the same time every year.

EDIT: I more tech note: I shoot unzoomed (at hi res so I can crop later) so that I’m as close to the optical center of the binoc lens as possible. Of course, the better your binocs (or spotting scope — that’s what birders usually mean when they say "digiscoping") , the less this matters. Right now my Celestrons badly need to go to the binoc doc — in fact, they’re ready for the intensive care ward (the field isn’t flat, ie it’s not all in focus at once). But that’s going to mean sending them in to the Celestron hospital & going without them for 6 wk. πŸ™ So I’m going to muddle thru until spring migration is over.

I just discovered the tech discussion in the Technique group. Great tips — thank you all! A lot of that is stuff that I tried myself last night (without the binocs), & it ultimately didn’t work, but I think it was because the camera didn’t focus on the moon, even though the exposure was right. Next time I will try focusing on a nearby distant object (how’s that for an oxymoron), or manually focusing on infinity. (My camera allows full manual setting of f-stop & exposure, so I didn’t have to mess around with flashlights. It also allows manual focusing, but via a kludgy menu-driven interface, & the LCD display really isn’t adequate for focusing on an object via the sharpness of the image. However, if you know you want to focus on infinity, it’s useable.)

Thank you (I think…) for afflicting me with yet another shutterbug obsession. πŸ™‚

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