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A few nice buy targeted traffic images I found: Editorial: Sweet Hatred Photo taken as the boat cruises to Manila Bay from Corregidor Island, Philippines. The video inside the ferry reminds me of history's one of the greatest atrocities comitted in the Second World War in the Pacific. Somethings should never be forgotten. But the Philippine generation of today has changed. They are no longer particular with history. They're after reality bitchy shows, scripted game shows, showbusiness rumors...

A few nice buy targeted traffic images I found: Beware the Button Police! This woman chastised me for pressing a crossing signal button more than once. She said that it "breaks the button!." When I said that with billions in tax dollars being spent, surely the City of Washington, DC could afford to buy more robust buttons, she replied "Well they are your tax dollars!" To which I retorted "Not my tax dollars, I'm Canadian."...