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Direct Marketing

The history of direct marketing can be traced back to the mid 15th century, shortly after Gutenberg invented movable type and the printing press. Then, within a very brief amount of time, the first trade catalogs appeared from printer/publishers.Things didn't change much until 1867, when the typewriter was invented. It was at that point in time that direct marketing through the mail (mail order sales) began in earnest in 1867. In 1872,Aaron Montgomery...

For the past years, direct marketing solutions have been the very resort of most online entrepreneurs. They have even reached the point of hiring their personal virtual assistants who can tend to their errands. Direct marketing solutions include a bunch of telemarketers, content writers, bloggers, and email purveyors. Since the crack of the year 2001, direct marketing solutions have taken a great rank in the limelight. Indeed, its fast growth has taken almost all of the...

If your business is concerned with carrying out any form of direct marketing, you will know the importance of purchasing direct marketing lists that are of the highest quality. UK Datahouse are strong believers in that if you buy direct marketing lists that are clean and accurate, you will generate more positive responses from your campaign. This is why UK Datahouse spends time and effort to ensure that all of the direct marketing lists that they...

Direct marketing may be described as a way of promoting goods and services that uses many forms of media, including faxes, emails, social networking sites, and direct mail. Through this method of marketing, numerous targeted promotions are distributed to consumers and businesses, and particular measuring tools are used to calculate how effective the various promotional mechanisms of the direct marketing mix are.Before reviewing the various methods of promotion used under the direct marketing umbrella, it is...

Savvy business leaders across the nation are secretly transforming their businesses by making vital changes to their customer interactions.Their profits are surging, costs are plummeting and the environment gets an unanticipated boost. And perhaps the best news in these troubled economic times? Employees are keeping their jobs instead of suffering layoffs.Sound like it's too good to be true? At first blush, perhaps.The answer lies with a dear old friend: Direct mail.No question about...