Bennett Miller – Moneyball

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Cool Social Network Application images

Check out these social network application images: 7 Principles of Social Software Dave Pollard’s Salon Blog column for July 14, 2005 is a brilliant summary of what well designed social software should do. Lifting some quotes: 1. Social Relationships Must Meet Four Preconditions: Willingness to establish a relationship with someone presupposes the existence of mutual…

Cool Social Network Application images

Some cool social network application images: PeopleFinder Yep, blown away by the app from Lachie, I am. First GustavoG’s graph poster project, and then the Flickr Graph app, and now the People Finder. Wheeeeee! friends[2] I’m 4 hours away from finishing my second social networking web application, and 1 hour away from being held up…

David Fincher – The Social Network

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