Cool Ways To Advertise images

Some cool ways to advertise images: Cindy Sheehan Oh my! The defamers have their claws out. A set of photos from Upfish Robert Lederman wrote the following letter to the New York Times. I don’t know if they published it. He asks the question "What can one person do?" This is what I can do:…

Sex in a Blender (2)

Some cool ways to advertise images: Sex in a Blender (2) Writing the poetry was way too fun. Saving souls Overheard while waiting for the Sirens at TI: "I hope this won’t be all T&A like the other shows we’ve seen advertised." As it turned out, the show was all T&A, but Vegas gave up…

Nice Ways To Advertise photos

A few nice ways to advertise images I found: Grillers on the beach Getting sponsored by your workplace is great, and if you let your costume say "thank you" for that, it’s a great way to advertise. DSC08178 Someone’s bent the sign that shows the way to dodgy St Giles.