“Bluebirded” again
June 21, 2018 Check Website Traffic

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“Bluebirded” again
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You know you’ve got engineering issues when there is a term devoted to your website crashing…

and a website devoted to checking to see if it is really down.

The problem with most Ruby on Rails developers is that they have zero experience on scalable web development and then they lecture me. And people take offense when I say the Ruby world is full of egotistical zit-faced high school kids whose moms bought them MacBooks.

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This is #18 in my 100 strangers assignment. Check out the 100 strangers website to see more pictures and people working on the same assignment!

Velvet On Black


Saint-Trinité has become an isle in nowadays traffic. Cars circle a stubborn rock of devotion. Trams almost scratch the walls, blackened by centuries of smog. Waiting there one is forced to face history.

She sat herself next to me, while I was scrolling through the pictures of that day with my beloved. She lit a sigarette.

Then I saw her, or rather her daringly artificial eyelashes, coal black in a pale face. "Can I take your picture?" I asked on impulse, getting ready to be turned down.

But yes she said and faced the camera without a shadow of a doubt, a faint smile lingering on her lips. A minute later her tram arrived. She crushed the half smoked sigarette. We stayed behind. "Did you get her?" my beloved asked.

Motorbikes are the main traffic on quiet highway 304 in Qinghai Province, China
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Cycling and skateboarding 20,000km solo around the world – check out the fully featured website at 14degrees Off The Beaten Track / 日本から英までの12、000kmを単独でリカンベント自転車でこぐ途中 – ユーラシア大陸14度の旅

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