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August 7, 2017 Computer Help Online

Check out these computer help online images:

computer help online
Spent a weekend helping a friend of mine with his Coca Cola short film.

Staging the Battle of Agincourt. (obviously, computer generated special effects were not a big part of the budget)

Now you can view the finished product online!!! Just go to the Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Award website and click on the "2006 Finalists" link. This film is "Theater 13"

Magic Donkey and Secret Sauce Algorithm
computer help online
A set of 96 images found by Scout for my photos in Explore on March 2. The title comes from comments flickr staff heather made in the flickr help forum here. If these photos are not interesting, don’t blame me – there’s a donkey and sauce involved.

Thanks to fd, who created and hosts Scout! His online application can make a poster for you, with a nice dark gray background and a large titleblock with your flickr ID. This set I created using his application to secure the images with the dates and Explore rankings above each. Then I pieced them together using Photoshop and added the caption.

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