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October 6, 2018 Cookie Manager

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Me, my wife and nibaq went to The Coffee Bean cafe in Salmiya next to Subway. It was my first time there and I didn’t like it at all. I placed an order for 1 chocolate chip muffin, 2 cafe lattes and 1 hot chocolate. I paid for that and then I decided to get a chocolate chip cookie, so I told the chick and she thought I said chocolate chip MUFFIN. Not a big deal, she canceled the order and then put chocolate chip cookie. So I go to the other end of the counter to get the stuff and then a guy came up, I think the manager, he wanted me to write my name and phone number on the back of the cancelled chocolate chip muffin receipt. I asked him why and he was like its for the office, its because I ordered the muffin and then changed my mind. I was like what the fuck, what do you mean give you my name and number. I told him that I didn’t change my mind, its just that the chick thought I said muffin when I said cookie. He was like its ok sir can you still write your name and number this is for the office. I was like no fucking way I am gonna give you my number. Its not that I am worried about them calling or anything but whatever happened to my privacy. Its bad enough the cashier lady wanted my name so they could call it out loud when my drinks are ready, but now they want me to fucking give them my number? What a bunch of assholes. Couldn’t they give numbers out on the receipts like they do at Starbucks?? Don’t I have a right to keep my name private? If this incident wasn’t bad enough the food and drinks were awful. My hot chocolate was terrible, I make better ones at home. The cookie was also the second worst tasting cookie I have ever had (Costa holds the first place in the worst cookie department). My wife also didn’t like her cafe latte and only nibaq seemed happy but his vote doesn’t count because he is connected to the place. I can’t wait for Tim Hortons to open up next door. In conclusion, out of a max score of 5, I have to give The Coffee Beans a 2. The place is cozy, but the food and service sucks.

WKRN general manager Mike Sechrist
cookie manager

Fan offering
cookie manager
The girl sitting next to me, Christina, had baked these for the band, who were quite impressed because it was the first time anyone had done anything like this for them.

Christina and I (along with her boyfriend and another friend) ended up being concert buddies at the nighttime Meg & Dia concert after hitting it off earlier in the day, and because of her cookies (and my Threadless shirt), we were probably the most notable fans of the night. (The tour manager said to us: "You guys rock!")

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