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September 26, 2018 Create Social Networking Site

Some cool create social networking site images:

3’s see me tv has over 1 million downloads a month
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UPDATE (Oct 2006): "Mobile phone operator 3, meanwhile, has been ploughing ahead with its See Me TV service, which allows users to upload video clips for anyone else on the network to watch. Since the service’s launch almost a year ago, the network’s 3.75 million customers have sent in more than 100,000 clips, which have been downloaded more than 12m times. In July the company expanded directly into social networking, dominated on the internet by sites such as MySpace and Bebo. It launched Kink Kommunity, a mobile site that allows people to create an online identity. The site gets about 350,000 postings a day and generates 80,000 picture messages a month. Users pay a daily or monthly fee to access the online forum and as many images or videos as they like… So far, 3, which gives customers cash in a Paypal account, has shelled out £250,000. "We are seeing people effectively set up their own mini-brands," says 3’s marketing director, Graeme Oxby. "People are making real money out of See Me TV".,,1881889,00.html?g…

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