August 15, 2017 Customer Online

One of the reasons why some particular product being sold online gets a resounding thumbs up from the consumers as well as the critics, is because the company really cares to back up its claims with excellent customer relationships.

A customer is definitely the king, even after he has brought your product, and has used it for a couple of years. If he is satisfied with the product, there is just a 10% chance that he is going to recommend the product to the rest of his family, friends, and colleagues circle. But on the other hand, if he is not satisfied with your product, the whole world is going to know about it, because he is going to create a shindig of magnificent proportions, especially on the Internet and upon the forums.

Respond ASAP

However, the moment you manage to pacify an irate customer who is showing his displeasure, loudly and vocally, he is going to have some time to take a breather and cool down, before you get back to him, with an excellent solution. So that is the first point about improving online customer relationships. Speak to him, pacify him, and find out what his problem is. Then go about solving it.

Forget about ready-made web forms for every sort of problem contingency-
A prime example of this ready-made web forms being sent to every single customer with a problem, can be seen on eBay. EBay was being extremely fine until they began to get bogged down with complaints.

So now that you have registered your complaint under the subheadings, they show up on their complaint website, (not bothering about whether the complaint is pertinent to that particular subheadings!), you get a huge new Web form saying, “Hello, Tim Martin, this is Alexander speaking. I am sorry to see that you have a problem with XYZ. ” And then a form which definitely does not solve your problem is pasted on your e-mail letter.

If you ask them for a personal explanation of your problem, there is nobody there to solve it for you. And that is the reason why a majority of people have stopped shopping on eBay or spending money through PayPal – which happens to be an eBay creation. So always remember that the customer is going to be happier if your customer care and support service people speak to them personally, as if they understand what the problem is, they have full knowledge of the problem, and the intent to solve it is behind the recommendation.

(By the way, the customer service people on eBay and PayPal are definitely not getting a positive customer service review, as requested, from Tim Martin! Their methodology is definitely not the best way for improving customer online relationships!)

Do remember to keep the client and customer informed about all the future products.

Now, this suggestion of improving online customer relationships works both ways; the client is going to be flattered that you remember him, even though he brought your product 3 years ago. On the other hand, he is going to be extremely annoyed if you keep pestering him with spam mail of “hey there, here is this new product that we have launched, so do remember to check it out, will you, bye!” Do not overwhelm him or bombard him with news, discount sales and newsletters every day.

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