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May 25, 2018 Effective Advertising

Check out these effective advertising images:

effective advertising
This is a scale error. Building size mural, notice the bird. Used to be the face of some soccer player and was sponsored by Nike/Adidas. Now we have Coca-Cola and the local team chant of ‘ALLEZ L’OM’.

On the beach just down the road there were some girls sunning themselves on the rocks. Some boys, high above on the road were ‘cat calling’ to them. Both groups of kids were screaming ‘L’OM’.

Advertising is effective.

effective advertising
Free advertising. Effective?

Hale Road – Cycle & Pedestrian Route
effective advertising
19 February 2008. Hale Road, Tottenham – part of the Tottenham one-way system. This is one of the very rare purpose-built cycle / pedestrian routes in Haringey – where motor vehicles are separated from bikes and people on foot.

Two garages operate in a small area (on the other side of the advertising hoardings shown). I’ve regularly observed the cycle lane and footway partly blocked by vehicles parked outside the garages. Cyclists are sometimes forced to swerve into a fast and dangerous road. So most choose to avoid it.

Local councillors have been reporting this problem since at least 2003.

For cycling routes to work well, it needs both effective enforcement and a major shift in attitudes by other road users.

To: Cllr Alan Stanton
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 9:19 AM

We share your concern about Hale Road and monitor it regularly during the week as part of our ‘hotspot’ programme. We have found few problems with illegal weekday parking and have only issued one PCN since the beginning of the year. However, due to your concerns we will start monitoring the location on Sundays, beginning on the 24th February. I will then be in a position to provide you with a full report.

I have contacted the Highways department who confirm that the yellow line painting is to commence shortly, subject to the contractor confirming a start date.

I hope this satisfactorily resolves your query.

Haringey Parking Service

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