PriceRitePhoto, Photo by Don Wiss
November 11, 2016 Find Clients Online

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PriceRitePhoto, Photo by Don Wiss
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PriceRitePhoto’s store, photo by Brooklyn Photographer Don Wiss

I received a troubling email earlier today from Don Wiss saying that he received a phone call today from someone telling him that if he didn’t leave the country he would be killed. Wiss also reported another call from an anonymous caller accusing him of running him out of business. Don Wiss is a Brooklyn photographer that I have mentioned previously in my posts about sleazy New York bait and switch camera operators operating out of Brooklyn. Wiss has done an excellent job chronicling the actual storefronts of many of the shady camera dealers in Brooklyn and has provided helpful visual information for consumers that might do business with these operators and in some case scam artists.

Wiss posted the photo above of the sleazy camera operator PriceRitePhoto that I had been previously threatened by.

Although I suppose after hearing an actual voicemail of a camera dealer threatening to break a customer’s neck that it shouldn’t surprise me to learn of Don’s calls today it still sickens my stomach. How is it that these criminals can act with immunity right in Spitzer’s back yard? How can camera stores get away with death threats here now in the year 2005 in the United States of America.

Printed below is the email Wiss sent me earlier today.

"As you no doubt know, someone posted a link to your Brooklyn camera story on Slashdot on 12/1. One of the comments mentioned my web site. I had the most hits ever.

Yesterday had a DOS attack. 497 simultaneous connections. My host cut me off so not to bring down the other clients on that server. I then switched my dns to a backup host.

Today I received two phone calls at work. First one like blaming me for driving them out of business. Says they have already shut it down. But, of course, he didn’t disclose what business, and they had caller id turned off.

I then got a second phone call. He told me to watch my back. He said if I don’t leave the country I will be killed. Now nowhere at my site do I pass any judgment on the dealers here. So why blame me? My question is have you been threatened? Of course, living here in Brooklyn makes me a convenient target."

To hear the story directly from Don click here to read his post in the newsgroup at Google.

I think Wiss has done us all a favor by showing us the actual storefronts of many of the Brooklyn businesses doing business online, and he’s right, he makes no judgement as to the credibility of any of these operators. Recently through Wiss’ site I found evidence that might suggest the real owner of PriceRitePhoto is an individual by the name of Chaim Pikarski.

Wiss is taking this threat to his life seriously and said he would be filing a police report today.

Blogger cred
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Five years ago, before anyone knew what the hell a "Blog" was, I carried my trusty HandSpring Visor Deluxe with me everywhere I went, full of content from AvantGo.

AvantGo was a proto-aggregator, delivering content to a Palm/PocketPC reader application via "mobile friendly" web sites set up by various media companies. Mostly is was sites like Salon and ABC news, but one day a coworker at Stan Lee Media, knowing I used AvantGo daily, referred me to an "AvantGo Blogger Client". If memory serves, somebody had created a tool that would format a Blogger weblog for friendly consumption by AvantGo. I don’t remember if Blogger offered automated RSS feeds back then, or whether it worked by just scraping Blogger pages.

I signed up for a free Blogger account, made one post, and never touched it again. At the time, the notion of an online service to sign up and post nuggets of content in chronological order was puzzling, and I was much more of a He-Man about Doing Everything Myself when it came to all things web-site related.

I recently dug up my account and was surprised to find it still active. I think it’s about to be pressed back into service, and it’s kind of need to have that "On Blogger Since October 2000" geek cred there… like I was hip to this blogging stuff before it was cool.

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