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Restaurant Labella – Kitchen Scene
finding customers for new business
Anna and aunty at Labella. This one is for all the foodies of NID,
IIM, NIRMA, etc… who’s been feasting on Labella restaurant’s food
for years now. Labella is one of the most popular non-vegetarian
eating joint for students in Ahmadabad. Its way too cheap (50 bucks
for 3 dishes of mutton and 2 plates of rise), unhygienic and loved by
every one. The food has konkani (Goa) flavour and tastes magical. Just
like so many old timers I never fail to visit when every I am in

Do visit!

Due to the change in "economic" profile of the student, at least in
NID, new students don’t prefer this dirty, unhygienic place. This is a
trend that’s evident at other old eating places, for NID students,
like Khamasa, Mona-Lisa, Intikhab bhai, etc…

Excrepts from an interview taken by some NID students (please identify yourselves):
Goan food
56 years old
43 years of work
she learnt how to cook from a person from Bombay, who was a drunkard
labella name was already there
she cooks for the joy of cooking.
Has no family relatives..
Has low priced dishes.
Doesn’t plan for expansion of business.
Not teaching anyone her recipes.
Ana will not take over.
Has personal relations with her customers
People find her food very homely.
She leaves at 3 in the afternoon
She stays a minute away form the place
In june she makes crab and gets it from jamanagar
She used to have a large menu, but now does not go according to it.
Her favourite dish is fish cutlets.
Ana’s fav dish is beef stew

‘Best’ of Boston?
finding customers for new business
This is odd. Dunkin Donuts cups currently proclaim that they were awarded a "Best of Boston" award by Boston Magazine this year. However, a search of the Best of Boston site finds no such win.

In fact, it appears that the "award" was merely a corporate agreement to use the cup on the magazine cover.

I love DD as much as the next New Englander, but since the "Best of Boston" usually _means_ something (unlike some other awards, which just rank which business did the best job getting their customers to ballot-stuff), it seems massively lame to whore the title this way.

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