Nice First Social Media Site photos
September 27, 2018 First Social Media Site

Check out these first social media site images:

Adorable AIESEC Leadership Student Hong Kong _0054
first social media site


Do YOU think I make a good EnviroModel? I want to represent the image of a Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability (LOHAS) for the World Sustainability Project "Miss Universal Sustainability"!!!

Please make your comment below, and if you are a photographer who would like to participate in this global EnviroModel Search, check out

… more ideas at :

AIESEC Hong Kong shares the 3 Finger "Peace Plus One" Sustainability Symbol. A 21st century call to (THINKING) action for the planet’s residents to consider BALANCING SOCIETY, the ENVIRONMENT and the ECONOMY in their daily decisions. A very SIMPLE, but FUN & EFFECTIVE way to live our lives_!/

The 3 Finger salute can help put some humanity into our everyday conversation and images – please consider joining "Peace Plus One" on your favourite social media, you can also send your 3 Finger Photo to Copenhagen! (SEE BELOW)


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