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November 15, 2017 Flash Website

A few nice flash website images I found:

Concorde, Gardeners’ World, Tolminski Migovec
flash website
This photograph was taken during the 2004 Imperial College Caving Club Expedition to Slovenia, and is just a very small part of the deep caving "Gardeners’ World" that we have been exploring out there since 2000. Perhaps a dozen people have stood on the perfectly flat limestone base of this pot, down at -400m below the surface. We could erect the Queen’s Tower here with room to spare.

Clewin Griffith is descending the rope we placed, firing a flash unit every 10m or so (the white/blue orbs). The thick yellow line is the path taken by the carbide flame on his helmet. You can see the black shadow of his legs cast down the cave wall.

This was a 15 minute or so exposure; I sat in complete darkness on a rock shelf with my camera balanced on rocks (no tripod) & pointed vaguely ‘up’, as Clewin drifted down as gently as a feather,.

See our website for 45 Years of caving with Imperial College London

VHQ Website
flash website
This is a full visual of the entire website. This is actually divided into 9 quadrants and it slides around interactively to display each section seperately.

Remembering the Old Neighborhood
flash website
From the Adobe release party for the designer book and website, Words At Play, at Schiller’s, an ultra-hip restaurant in New York City’s Lower East Side.

"Heyyyyy! This is the old neighborhood, you know what I mean? You Jewish? All these places–they used to be Kosher joints, butchers. Now look at this!"

I asked the hostess later: The building had been unoccupied for 20 years before they renovated it a few years ago to open the restaurant. And it had been a pharmacy. It was clearly the very old neighborhood, and had more diversity than memory served.

Canon EOS 20D with EF-S 17-85mm IS lens at 22mm.
1/6s at f/4.0.
Handheld, ISO 1600.
Built-in flash, with slow-sync mode exposure.
B&W mode with in-camera blue "selenium" tone.


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