December 8, 2016 Free Ads Sites

With the oldest boy job hunting while during his five month school break, and my husband trying to sell the items he dug out of the attic, we’re starting to think about free ads to help.

Since I have a small business that I haven’t advertised and I like to write about insights on daily occurrences and share with my friends we need to research free ads for that. My little girl is also wanting to tell the world that she is getting married.

All of these things are reasons to research free ads sites. What we found was, that although many sites boast that they are free, this turns out not to be the case when you click through.

I get angry when we start reading something is free only to find that after getting to the bottom, there is a big ad saying for $ 95, if you act now, you can have this item that we want you to buy.

My husband thoroughly enjoys posting on craigslist for free, because he targets his own neighborhood. It is not the way to go for my daughter though, she wants to advertise her wedding. So we came across the site of happiness and joy, called This is a complete site with all kinds of wedding ideas and you can put up a little website of you and the groom, pictures of family, list the bridesmaids and best men, we even made little cards and mailed them as reminders. With this card comes the link to the wedding web address and guests can log on to find out all the particulars of the wedding.

For my son, posting his resume and need for work on free job sites including Monster, and Career builder, but he also took advantage of forums, where he could network and find out where others had been successful and what to avoid.

Blogging is an interesting venue as well as article submission. These are ways you can achieve free advertising over time and it is effective. For me, and my business, writing articles that are in line with my work and then submitting them on WordPress or Ezine articles, means that I can place my web address in the article, by entering my link to my website in their resource boxes. It should bring traffic to my site assuming someone is reading my awesome article. It also broadens the scope of customer base for my business.

When we decide that I should have a website, I realized that was going to be another monthly fee we couldn’t afford. Then I remembered the kids and I years ago coming across freewebs. Within a week of choosing my website name and going through the website’s tutorial, I had a great little website that I can be proud of.

With my website, I can post my daughter and her fiances site information and I can put a link to my son’s resume up for people to click on. My husband is doing great with his little free ads project, selling his goodies on craigslist.

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