How much are you willing to pay for advertising? What would it be worth to you to get advertising open to billions of people worldwide? Let’s cut out the sales pitch because you know all about that. Do you know how to get free advertising online? In fact, do you know how to get the right kind of advertising offline – and free of charge?

Probably not, but I do. So the question now is how much are you prepared to pay me to find out? When I look at the keyword analysis of people seeking free advertising, there are from 10,000 – 50,000 searches on Google looking for information on how to get free advertising every month. That’s right – up to 50,000 every month. In fact 250,000 every month are looking for ‘free advertising’ without any qualification.

Guess what! The answer is right at your fingertips. No matter what you want to advertise, and no matter how difficult you have found to advertise your product or service in the past, it is easy to advertise online what you have to offer without paying a single cent for the advert.

So what’s the secret? There is no secret. I have been advertising it for free for many years, yet even I have been making the mistake that 99.99% (a guestimate!) of those that advertise their products make. That mistake is to assume that the people that matter will see your advert. Note the ‘that matter’ part.

Do you like cats? There’s no point in you trying to sell cat baskets to internet marketing gurus or young girls looking for how to choose the best cat for them. The latter example is easier to sell your cat baskets to than the former, but it’s only a matter of degree. You still have to persuade them they need a cat basket. You can sell bait to an angler, but you still have to persuade them they need YOUR bait, or the kind of bait you are selling.

The best way of using free advertising is to use it sell something that has already been sold. At least, the idea has been sold, and all the prospective buyer needs is a nudge. To do that you have to be like that prospective buyer – I don’t like the word ‘prospect’ – it sounds too commercial! My future customers know what they need; they just don’t realize it yet. So what’s the secret?

Don’t click away when I tell you, because many might just do that. Like many online secrets, it is no secret all. It is by using a technique that you all have likely heard about (although that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work), just that you have been taught badly.

I don’t work full time at internet marketing. I am an industrial chemist and part of my job is to train people how to manufacture our product (hot stamping foil – look it up!).

I do that pretty well because I can put myself in their place. I had to learn sometime, and they don’t teach my product in college. I learned from my first manager, and like to think that I can pass my knowledge on to others fairly easily. Learning how to make money online is a bit like that, and so is learning how to advertise for free. Free advertising is a skill, and it is easy to get.

Here are some ways:

1. Use posters. If you market health products, whether your product is a health food , supplement, equipment or an eBook or video, then ask your local health center of you can put up a poster. Offer to pay if you get a sale (so it still free until then) if necessary. Ask if you can leave leaflets in the rest rooms, or even make reduced price offers for anybody that joins the club through your affiliate site. There’s an idea: Offer to promote the health club for a percentage, and offer your product free if they take it up.

2. Ask your local authority if they have any sites where you can put up a poster advertising your product, and you will also include the local authority services in the same ad.

3. Ask local radio for a free slot: perhaps you can advertise their services on your website in return

4. Write articles.

So there you are: four great ways that you can use to get free advertising.

What’s that last one? Write articles?

Sure – that will likely bring you the best return because you can write and publish articles all over the internet advertising your product or service. Look back to the start of this article. How much are you willing to pay for advertising?

It doesn’t matter what your answer is. Articles are free for you to write if you know how. The problem is the ‘knowing how’. Then learning how to do it. If you learn how to write articles properly, and not just go through the motions, as the vast majority appears to do, then you are on to a winner.


Get to know how to do article writing and you cant fail. Do it right and you will make money and everybody will read them. they will believe what you have wrote and you will make money.

WHAT? Let’s start again:

Learn how to write articles articulately and comprehensibly and your erudite readers will gain the knowledge that you are so knowledgeable and cognizant of their needs that. . .

WHAT? Let’s start again – as an article should be written this time:

Learn how to write articles so as to provide information your reader wants and needs, and that reader will return to you repeatedly. Not only that, but if you show that you understand your niche, then they will also buy from you when you feel the time is right to offer your product.

Write to the reader personally, as if they were the only person you were addressing.

Article marketing is a term that is frequently misused, but the good thing is that it is not difficult to learn, and once you have mastered the principles with a bit of help, you will be able to generate as much free advertising as you want for the rest of your life – irrespective of how your business and products change.

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