November 26, 2016 Free Blog Traffic

When it comes to promoting your site, you should learn how to incur free blog traffic. Yes, there is such thing as “free” traffic on blogs, but at the same time there’s also “paid” blog traffic. To buy blog traffic however is not always a good investment, as increasing blog traffic can be done on several ways without spending a dime. Thus, if you want to learn more on how to double your blog traffic at the same time gather more inbound links, then here are some easy ways you can do it:

Join free blog directories. In these directories you can submit your blog and have it linked with other registered blogs under your niche, and from there people who view those member blogs would be able to see yours as well since they are related. You just need to have some patience during the first few days of being part of blog directories, as your blog still has to be properly categorized before it becomes available for viewing.

Another great way to increase free blog traffic is by making comments to other blogs in your niche community. Through this method you get to converse with other blog owners and developers and see their viewpoints about your topic. By making comments, viewers of those blogs would more likely check out yours as well, especially when your opinions greatly tickled their interest. Most of all, you get to connect with the people behind those blogs, and eventually build partnerships and link strategies with them.

Increasing blog traffic can also be done by joining social media and networking sites. Social networking sites are places where real people go to and update their profiles, thus real people would be able to check out your blog once you showcase it in these sites. You can then form an account in MySpace or Facebook so that you get linked with the members and see how they can help boost traffic by getting more inbound links to your blog.

You may also generate blog traffic by adding your blog URL on your signature at forums. By joining at forums, you get to discuss different issues with other webmasters and end users belonging to your chosen niche, thus you also get a lot of helpful information from them. You get to stay connected, while at the same time provide significant regular updates to your blog.

Another thing you should remember is that viewers love dynamic and interactive content. They easily get bored with reading, thus they need some eye candy. In order to increase inbound links to your blog, you should post videos and images on your blog for them to check out. Most high-traffic blogs have images posted on their pages, and you can do the same thing as well.

Free blog traffic can also be derived from ping service aggregators such as Pingomatic and Pinggoat. These aggregators alert RSS feeds of those who have subscribed to blogs related to your niche, and your blog can be featured as well as a relevant page to visit. Thus you wouldn’t have to worry about increasing blog traffic because this service will do the job for you.

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