January 24, 2017 Free Online Advertising

Have you ever wondered how you could advertise your website, product, or business entirely for free? There is no real need to be paying huge amounts of money to pay per click advertising companies when there are so much free advertising opportunities available on the internet.

Aside from submitting your website URL to search engines and implementing your Meta tags correctly, you will need to apply successful advertising strategies to generate quality traffic to your website. Below are some of the most popular options I recommend for successful traffic generation;

1. Write Articles.

Write short articles and post them on free article directories (like this one) or www.isnare.com. For a few dollars you can purchase distribution credits and once your article has been approved; isnare will submit your article to hundreds of article directories saving you a lot of time.

2. Get other people to become affiliates for your website or product.

There are many people around the world who want to make money online and a popular way of doing so is to become an affiliate for other online businesses. The affiliate will advertise your product/s on their website and you decide the commission rate you wish to offer to your affiliates. Affiliates are paid only for actual sales, so your marketing expense is 100% effective. You can either set up your own affiliate program or simply use a specialized company such as Clickbank. There is a $ 50 once off joining fee, but all of your affiliates will advertise your product/s free of any costs to you. You don’t need to worry about keeping track of sales your affiliates make because Clickbank handles all the tracking, accounting, and payouts automatically. Selling your digital products via ClickBank is a great way to increase your online sales. If you sell products that are not digitally delivered, you can use a popular company called Commission Junction. Commission Junction is a global leader in the online advertising channels of affiliate marketing and they are free to join.

3. You Tube (free video posting site).

Advertising correctly is essential for the success of an online business. YouTube.com is one of the best ways to receive high quality traffic to your website and it is completely free! YouTube is currently the 3rd most visited site on the internet today closely behind Google and Yahoo search engines! If you do not have a video camera, you can simply use your regular digital camera (if it takes video footage) or the video camera on your mobile phone! If you are a little more experienced, you can also use a flash player to create your videos. You would be missing out massively if you did not take advantage of You Tube as it is literally a free search engine in itself!

4. Sell Advertising space on your website.

Banner ads are one of the most effective forms of advertising online. Selling advertising space on your website can in-turn pay for your Google AdWords completely; practically making your pay per click advertising free if done correctly! You need to make sure that you sell the space on your website to companies that relate to your business and that they are not your competitors. For more information on ‘banner advertising’ you can visit: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/banner-ad8.htm or http://www.bannerreport.com/html/resources_tutorials.php.

5. MySpace and Facebook.

Free popular social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace offer an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, blogs, personal profiles, photos, groups, music and videos for people internationally. Millions of people use these social networking websites everyday to keep up with friends, advertise their business or product/s, or to establish an expert authority on certain subjects.

6. Create a Squidoo lens.

A lens is basically a fancy word for webpage. You can create a lens to promote your business, website or product at Squidoo.com for free.

7. Post an ad on Craigslist.

Posting an ad on Craigslist.org is completely free. The only downside to this option is that you may need to resubmit it every two weeks or so but it is well worth it!

8. Advertise in blogs and forums.

The important thing is to choose blogs or forums that relate to your product. This may take a little time to get accustomed to the different forums. It is important to follow the rules; failure to follow rules can result in entries being removed or you could even be terminated from writing anymore entries by the blog administrator. Doing this successfully can inturn increase your web traffic greatly and best of all, it’s all for free and only people looking for that type of product will come to your site. This will give you a higher chance of a greater sales conversion rate.

9. Write a Press Release.

Submitting an online press release will be one of the most important marketing strategies you can do to improve the quality of traffic to your website. At Free-Press-Release.com they will distribute your press release to news engines and search engines immediately for free!

10. Free Online Business Directories.

You can advertise your business or website on free online business directories. The more directories you can list your business on; the more likely people will find your website.

If you apply all of the above free advertising strategies together, you will then be well on your way to dramatically increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website in no time. The more traffic directed to your website; the more converted sales, leading to more money in your bank account. There is no need to waste your time and money on pay per click advertising, when you can be receiving loads of traffic to your website for free.

If you would like more information on advertising your business or website for free, I highly recommend ‘How To Use The Internet To Advertise, Promote, And Market Your Business Or Website With Little Or No Money’ by Bruce C. Brown. This book is a must have resource for all webmasters and online business owners.

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