May 24, 2017 Free Online Marketing

The world of Internet marketing is exciting, lucrative, and . . . dare I say . . . sexy?

This remains an absolutely true statement for the thousands of successful Internet marketers out there today. However, for every success, there are probably 10-50 failures. But, before you get discouraged upon hearing this statement, keep one thing in mind: most of the people who “fail” at Internet marketing never put enough time into it to be able to deserve to call what they did “failing.” That would be a bit like someone saying they failed to become a successful marathon runner after putting in two full days of training. Neither one even deserves the moniker of “failure.”

In addition to giving up too early, many web marketing wanna-be’s are not successful because they have trouble grasping the ultimate importance of marketing research as an essential element of online success.
Doing good research is a cornerstone to any successful marketing effort. In fact, second only to pure trial-and-error and stick-to-itiveness, research is probably the most significant factor in any campaign’s success.

Here are 5 free online marketing research tools that can take you to the next level in your online campaigns. (Note: links to all of the tools mentioned below are available at the link at the end of this article):

1. Free keyword research tool:
Keyword research is probably the number one starting point to any marketing action you take online (it’s how the title of the article that you are now reading was chosen!). Keyword research enables you to get your online content, web sites, and pay-per-click campaigns lots and lots of traffic by helping you figure out which keyword search terms are getting the most searches. A great tool that is 100% free-to-use is the Google Adwords Keyword Research tool.

2. Free competitor research tool:
After you generate a list of oft-searched keywords, it is important to then go about finding out how much competition there is for sites with content featuring those keywords. A great way to do this (that is totally FREE) is to run a search – in quotation marks (this is important) – for the keyword in question in Google, Bing or Yahoo!. Pay attention to the number of search results returned by your search: that is how many other websites out there contain this exact keyword phrase. Hint: build online content for keyword searches that have fewer than 5,000 to 10,000 competing websites.

3. Free keyword density tool:
As you build your websites for maximum search engine exposure, you need to optimize for what is called keyword density. This simply refers to the percentage of words on a give web page – or among a particular bit of meta tag data – that represent your target keyword search term. A useful, no-cost site for measuring the density of any page is for a given search term is

4. Free web rankings tool:
Once you start building online content of your own and it has been out there for at least a 5-30 days, you are going to want to find out how that content is ranking for your target search terms. You want to perform web rankings for that keyword. A good free choice is the one from SEO Book. Just install it on your system and you are off!

5. Free traffic rank tool:
Doing some competitor research to see how they are ranking in terms of web visits? Check out This free site lets you type in the URL of a given website, and it returns how that site ranks as compared to all other sites on the Internet in terms of web visitors. Be sure to check out all of the other tools offered on the site – all of which are excellent.

Check out these 5 FREE tools and let research be your guide as you ramp up to success online.

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