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"I want to defend myself from inaccurate, unfair, revealling, and hurtful images, videos, stories, gossip and rumors on the internet"
[Get Started] is a company that gives online reputation remedy services, by threatening sites that host unwanted information about their client to sue them. This is the illustration we did for this week’s column about them.

PREDICTION in 2007 trading in digital will get more integrated with offline
get clients online
I’m not at the coal-face, so to speak, when it comes to media buying. So, to make predictions about the evolution of online media trading, I’ve enlisted the help of a colleague – Andy Cocker, Trading Director at Isobar UK. Thanks a lot Andy, and Dan too for organising. 🙂 Although Andy’s predictions are for the UK market only, I’d envisage a similar situation applies in many of the established markets, at least directionally.

Andy predicts: “Trading in digital will get more integrated with offline media. As media owners now cover a spectrum of media (Sky, the Sun, MySpace / The Guardian, the Guardian online and so on) trading has come to reflect this, and more and more deals are done based on multiple media being involved. It will become rarer to do deals that only cover one medium. The job of the media buyer will be to associate clients with content, no matter what medium it appears on”.

Of course, the obvious exception to this in 2007 are the big online media owners – Google, Yahoo, etc – who, as yet, aren’t aligned with offline properties. Long term, however, I think even this could change. Take Google for example. They’re already experimenting in reselling print/TV advertising in the US. Google also recently announced a deal with Sky which, I imagine, will ultimately lead to them becoming involved in selling highly targeted TV advertising in the UK. (See for more info).

Increasing bundling in terms of on/offline deals, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be integration in terms of the currencies and metrics used. Andy says: “There is talk of new online trading currencies to bring online media into harmony with TV – Housewives, Men 18-34 etc – but these will not come to pass this year as many major online media owners have no interest in introducing them”.

This isn’t to say that online media owners aren’t open to change. Indeed, many are in favour of developing a new breed of metrics, built around the notion of engagement (not only reach aka exposure). There is a similar groundswell in some offline circles too so, long long-term, if there is to be convergence in trading currencies & metrics between on & offline, hopefully it will be around these next-generation style metrics.
This is part of a series of predictions for 2007 developments, prepared jointly with my colleague, Dan Calladine, for Isobar Global.

Opinions are ours personally and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the Isobar group.

Image CC thanks to mark lorch

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