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I got the Nine Inch Nails new album a few days ago. I pre-ordered two copies of the Dual Disc version from Amazon.coma couple of weeks ago. One copy for my brother, and one copy for me. I have been a Nine Inch Nails fan since "Pretty Hate Machine" and the new album [With_Teeth] is really disappointing. When I first heard the CD in the car the first time I hated it, it sounded like 80s techno. A few days of listening to it now and it sounds a lot better, but its still not what I was expecting. There are only 13 songs on the CD, their last album "The Fragile" was double CD and had 23 songs! They don’t come out with a CD every year, "The Fragile" came out in 1999 so its been 6 years since their last album and all we get are 13 songs? The packaging is very disappointing also. The CD contains no booklet, its just a folded cardboard with the CD inside. To get the lyrics, artwork and credits, you need to go to and download it from there. Are they trying to save money or are they just trying too hard to be different? I went to download the file and it turns out I had to register first! So I just paid 14$ to buy a CD that didn’t contain any booklet with information of any sort, and then you make me go to your website to download this information and when I get there I have to register?? So out of curiosity I did. I went in and all there was, was a link to download a pdf file of an artwork with the lyrics on it. Its just a one page large image with the lyrics scattered all across. Very unpractical to read anything and it was all working very slow on my Mac. Who’s stupid idea was this you know? Probably David Carson since he designs all the NIN CD’s. The guy is good but this has to be the worst design of his I have seen or experienced. Oh and I nearly forgot. There are two versions of the album, the regular one and the Dual Disc one. I ordered the dual disc which is a CD and DVD, the DVD contains all the songs of the CD but they are in Dolby Digital 5.1 plus there is a video on the DVD and when you play the DVD in your DVD player you get images on your screen. Sounds cool right? Only problem is its not really dual disc. Turns out its 1 CD thats double sided. One side a DVD other side a CD. This means if I am listening to the CD in the car I can’t watch the DVD unless I take it out of the car. Very unpractical, now I need to make a copy of the CD for the car, and keep the original copy at home so I can watch the DVD whenever I want. Anyway, the only bright side to this is that I still have all their old albums to listen to. Once I get bored of this CD I will just go back to their classics..

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