entree at roxanne’s raw food restaurant – dscf2174
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entree at roxanne’s raw food restaurant – dscf2174
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dinner at roxanne’s – july 23, 2002

from: articles.latimes.com/print/2006/oct/08/magazine/tm-roxanne41

"They’d reached a pinnacle of human achievement, the way I saw it," says John Liviakis, a Marin County businessman who became a regular. "It was–I can’t describe it. Heavenly. It was like heaven. It was a blessing that we could have something like that on our planet. They achieved virtual perfection, but I guess it was too good to be true." It was. The restaurant was hemorrhaging money… the menu preparation was highly labor-intensive and the ingredients expensive. Hundreds of cases a week of young Thai coconuts had to be imported to create the pad Thai and ice cream, for example, and the labor costs involved just in digging out the meat and spooning out the water each night "were just unbelievable," says Donna Insalaco, who served in the restaurant’s second year as an executive chef and later became general manager and helped open the takeout annex. "We had one guy just cracking coconuts."

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