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October 18, 2018 Help Page

A few nice help page images I found:

east london
help page
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Urban Lighthouse
Clerkenwell Sunset
Gate Keepers Office
Drink Me


I’ve noted the location of the following more precisely on knautia’s (fantastic) 1890’s map:

represent I couldn’t tell if this was ironic retro graffiti, or if it was real Man U and Hammersmith stuff. In any case: it looks retro.
verde & co Not surprisingly they don’t just sell oranges. I had no idea who ran this shop until I looked it up on the web just now. Gilbert and George used to help run a cafe on Fournier Street nearby, so artist run buisnesses are a tradition in the neighborhood.
chirstchurch, spitalfields. A Hawksmoor Church. Situated on pentangles and lay lines, I’ll be bound.
S. Schwartz Fournier Street. Paste up by Swoon, early 18th century houses, 19th/ early 20th century business.
monster? Remember — not Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster (gratuitous link to my own writing).

Cheese goes to work
help page
and made a few new friends!! Mouse and Jesus!!

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