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March 1, 2019 Help Sites

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Selinunte, Hekatombion
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The Hekatombion is a very odd temple dedicated to Hekate, a moon goddess.

It’s on the western side of Selinunte, ancient Selinus, which is at the western end of Sicily’s south coast. It’s one of the very few temples in Sicily which doesn’t face towards sunrise. It also faces uphill.

It’s part of a complex of temples centred on Demeter Malaphoros. Also here is a temple of Zeus Melikhios. This is an unusual Zeus in that he’s a chthonic form of the god, rather than a sky-god. Hekate is also associated with the underworld when she helps Demeter look for Kore, whose been abducted by Hades.

Rather than looking at this site as being home to the separate temples, it’s far more likely that they’re all connected as part of a cult of the underworld associated with the site. I’d love to know more about the geology of the site to see if there’s a reason why there was a cult of the underworld here rather than somewhere else round Selinus.

Mother Marianne
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The grave site of Mother Marianne in Kalaupapa. She was a Franciscan nun who
spent more that 30 years in Kalaupapa helping patients of Hansen’s disease.
More than 87 years after being buried in Kalaupapa, her remains are being
exhumed to finally rest in Syracuse, New York.

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