May 8, 2017 Helpdesk

Helpdesk software plays an important role in managing your customer base and takes a huge load off your customer support function. A helpdesk, as you might know, is an IT-based resource that provides assistance and information in troubleshooting problems that your customers may face while using your products. Larger companies even have additional in-house help desk to provide a similar type of service to their employees.

In large IT corporations, the helpdesk is often a mandatory part of the customer support department. This is especially true for ISO/IEC 20000 companies and companies who want to be known as providers of high-quality IT services. Companies usually provide a toll-free number, a link, or an email to their customers as a means to contact their help desk.
The helpdesk serves as the central point where users and customers can forward their requests.
Helpdesk software is used to manage the requests that customers send by tracking each customer request with a unique number or code called ticket. The software issues the ticket with the details of the request when it receives a request from a customer.

The ticket is closed when the request is fulfilled or the problem is solved. The details of the request and it’s solution are documented in a database that can be referenced when similar problems or requests are made again.This brings us to the additional benefit of using this software. This software can be a very useful source of information when you are looking at ways to improve your product by locating, analyzing, and removing the common bugs and weak areas of your product.

Many organizations recognized the true value of their help desk long ago and use it extensively to drive their research and sales.A help desk does not merely respond reactively to customer responses but gathers useful data ranging from technical issues to customer needs, choices and satisfaction. Companies can use this information as research material for planning new product and sales strategies.

These days a wide range of software programs are available in the market to support the helpdesk function. However, most of these programs are complex and large because they cater to helpdesk at either the enterprise level or the departmental level of large companies. This leaves small and medium businesses in the lurch. They either have to learn and incorporate the unnecessary steps and levels of an expensive application into their system or choose to go without the cost-saving and image-boosting benefits of a professional helpdesk.

Premium Response offers an alternative for such companies. It is simple, economical, easy to operate and easy to integrate. You can use Premium Response to efficiently track and speed up the response to helpdesk calls. This helpdesk software has been designed after years of customer support experience and therefore incorporates all the necessary features for running a successful helpdesk.

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