August 7, 2017 Helpdesk

If you are involved in a business wherein you need to deal with customers’ problems, you certainly need a helpdesk system. Is the term, helpdesk system, new to you? Don’t you know what it is all about and how does it work? Then, you are suggested reading this blog. Completely dedicated to helpdesk ticketing system, this blog gives an insight into its functionality and workflow.

Primarily, a helpdesk ticketing system, also request management system, support ticket, or trouble ticket system, is a piece of computer software meant for managing and maintaining lists of customers’ issues in an organization’s customer support call centre. It creates updates and resolves customers’ issues. Further, the software often contains information about each customer’s problem to resolutions, and other related data.

Here are the functions of a helpdesk system:It enters dysfunctions, errors and requests.It distributes and assigns issues to employees.It monitors and handles times spent on a particular project.It gives statistical analysis of the numbers of tickets generated.It automatically generates tickets by alarming systems. It holds systematic collection of questions and answers for FAQs.It contains detailed description of the problem reported and a history of each change.This is how a helpdesk ticketing system works:A customer centre executive first receives a problem of a customer through a telephone call, email or other modes of communication.Then, the executive verifies the problem and strive to obtain information about the problem from the customer to create the issue in the system.As the issue is resolved, the system is updated with new data and ticket status to be changed from opening to pending or resolved. After the issue has been fully addressed, it is marked as resolved in the issue tracking system.Today, there are many companies offering advanced helpdesk support systems that help you streamline your customer centre process in an efficient manner. With features like canned responses, suggested solutions, keyboard shortcuts, merge tickets, bulk actions, time-based actions, auto-assign and automatic ticket dispatch, the system makes you save time that is usually spent on resolving a ticket. In this manner, the software makes you earn trust of your customers, increase productivity of your employees and streamline business process. Along with this, it enables you to prioritize a ticket whichever is required to be resolved urgently.

A helpdesk system has benefited a whole lot of business with its technologically advanced features. So what are you waiting for? Get a helpdesk ticketing system for your business right away.

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