June 20, 2017 Helping Hands

Home care or domiciliary hospitalisation is the treatment of patient undertaken at home due to the patient’s severe condition or in a few cases it can even be due to lack of accommodation in the hospital. It is a popular form of medical management and the treatment is based on the doctor’s or physicians recommendations based on the patient’s medical history and diagnosis. Upon, doctor’s certification stating the condition of the patient, the patient can become eligible for a medical claim for undergoing treatment at home.

There are a few options available for domiciliary nursing care. The most common being that of hiring a care assistant or a qualified nurse. They provide private nursing and the special care that you require at any time. The nurse or the care assistant follows all the rules set by the doctor; they take care and monitor the patient’s entire day to day activity, and in case a problem occurs the doctor is called. This kind of treatment at home has its share of benefits and advantages. Many people don’t like to stay in a hospital for a long time, for those, it is a boon. The feeling of staying at home and undergoing a treatment is very comforting. At certain places, the hospital is too far to communicate in day to day life, so taking this into consideration in home diagnosis is better than other specialised forms of treatment.

Let’s see the cost and reimbursement that is provided for domiciliary treatment. Medical treatment, which exceeds for more than three days for such illness/ injury/ disease in the normal course, would require care at a clinic; hospital or a nursing home can be claimed under medical policy. Common diseases such as Asthma, bronchitis, diarrhoea, epilepsy are best suited for in home care. There are many companies that are providing excellent domiciliary services to everyone. The two advantages that the good helping hands care companies provide are:

No stressful shifting:

When suffering from an illness, to face an entirely new environment is bit complicated. Home care enables patients to remain in their own home. It facilitates them to be surrounded by their own belongings and memories. This experience is highly comforting during a difficult time.

You can live with your family and friends:

A visit from friends and family means a lot to a patient when he suffers from an illness or life-limiting condition. The company of your friends makes you heal faster from your disease. Unlike hospitals, where visiting hours are restricted, domiciliary care provides the option to meet the patient as per his convenience.

So looking at the advantages domiciliary treatment provides, don’t hesitate to opt if you or your family requires!!

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